Our Hands-On Creche

What is a hands-on creche?

Our hands-on creche program allows children to spend their time engaging, exploring and playing with activities designed to support their early development, while Mum gets to 'fill her cup' and take some time out. All the facilitators are trained in the HOH program and know how to support your child to extend their knowledge and learning.


What does the program involve?

The program is based around play. All the activities are an invitation for your child to come and explore. The facilitators move around giving your child time to play with what interests them. Your child is then engaged in fun rhymes, finger plays and movement songs that are based on a theme. These themes are designed on interest areas for 0-5 year olds. For example: Transport, Under the sea, All about me.

Your facilitator will also offer a craft activity should your child be interested in making something to take home with them. All of the craft activities are designed to support and develop your child's early learning and allow them to continue this learning at home. For example our steering wheel craft offered in the transport theme is a great item for in the car. You can encourage your child to try and turn their wheel when you do and even begin to get them thinking about and identifying their left from their right.

Your facilitator will also have a parent take-home activity sheet on offer. This includes a rhyme or song that your child has learnt at the creche and is designed so that the fun and games can continue at home.


Our partners

Click on the logo to check out BUMP health and fitness and their hands-on creche!

Click on the logo to check out BUMP health and fitness and their hands-on creche!