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How much does a
session cost?

We believe in making our sessions accessible and affordable and so, for a ten session pass, you will pay just $14 a session. And the best part is it's valid for 4 months, so no paying for a session you can't make when a little one is sick, you're away or something just comes up!

We also have a five session pass that gives you the flexibility to fit in with your child's changing schedule. It is valid for 2 months and you pay $16 a session.

Just want to pop in here and there? Then a casual session is for you at $18.

Can I do a trial session?


Yes you can! Simply sign up to our mailing list to receive your first session FREE as well as keep up to date with upcoming special offers.

Keep a look out in your inbox for your special promo code, then jump back onto our website and book in your preferred session time.


What if I can't make
a session?

At Hands-On Heads we understand that things happen; kids get sick, cars break down and you can just, plain, have a bad day... so we are happy for you to reschedule a session without charge up to 12hrs beforehand. Simply jump back online to rebook.

What if I can't make a session and it's within the 12hrs?

We understand that last minute things can change, especially with little ones in tow. For this reason we definitely want you to jump online and reschedule your spot, so that if the class is full we can offer your spot to someone else.

We don't offer a refund for casual spots that are cancelled within 12hrs. However, you can 'fly in a friend' to take your spot instead of cancelling it. They simply need to complete a form at the door.

'Fly in a friend' is also offered to 5x and 10x class pass holders but they are only allowed one per expiry period.