Hands-on Fun

At Hands-On Heads we believe in making learning fun. Throughout our sessions we use a range of fun, tailored, Hands-On characters to explain what it means to be hands-on. Each character explores a different learning action and reminds us how valuable hands-on play is between parent and child. 


Parrot with Peter Parrot

Peter talks a lot to remind us that oral language and talking to your kids is so valuable. In particular modelling the correct language-'Parrot them and they will Parrot you!' This lays the foundations for early literacy skills.


Engage with Kevin Koala

Kevin reminds us how valuable slowing down and taking in the sensory delights that are around us can be. Kevin encourages us to tap into our senses and expose them to lots of different experiences.


Observe, Wait and Listen with Professor Owl

Professor Owl reminds parents of the importance of letting their child lead. This begins with O.W.L. O-Observe, W-wait and L-Listen. Professor Owl also helps parents to interpret published early education outcomes by transferring them into simple, everyday language and activities that parents can understand.


Perform with Poppy Peacock

Poppy is the drama queen who loves to perform. Poppy reminds us of the importance of encouraging role-play and developing the imagination. Poppy loves to dance and especially loves to get those big and small muscles moving.


Laugh with The Cheeky Charlies

Charlie and Charlotte (Charlie) are boy and girl twin monkeys who love to be cheeky. The Cheeky Charlies are all about fun and remind us of the importance of laughter and silliness when we're playing with kids.


Explore traditions with Elder the Elephant

Elder is the warm, fuzzy grandad of the group. Elder is wise but a bit mischievous.
Elder loves to tell stories and has a great memory for classic songs and rhymes.