'In play a child always behaves beyond his average age, above his daily behavior. In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself.'

– Lev Vygotsky, Russian Psychologist

Rachel Keeling

Rachel Keeling

THE founder- Who is she? and What would she know?

Rachel is an experienced Primary School teacher and mother of two. Rachel founded Hands-On Heads to achieve her goal of providing age specific programs that incorporate early education specialist knowledge to help bridge the gap between parents and teachers. She wants to see children start their school journey with their best foot forward!

“My aim is to show parents realistic and achievable, hands-on activities that support their child's early learning, using equipment that is accessible and affordable. Hands-On Heads covers all the important learning areas to help young children develop into well-rounded individuals. And this is all through a medium of fun, enjoyment and incidental learning. I have seen first hand the number of children who arrive to start kindergarten without some of the key skills to set them up for success in their formal education journey. These key skills are not about academic merit, but rather a child's social, emotional and physical wellbeing. These key areas lay the foundations for a child's 'readiness' to learn. I want to help parents ensure their child starts their formal education ready to learn, grow and have fun."


I love that Rachel gives a thorough explanation of how each activity is benefiting the child and I feel that she is very talented in researching and developing unique activities.
— Gus


Our approach- Why it's different?

Delight in your child’s smiles as you engage with them.

Attend a class that is tailored to their age.

Lay down the foundations for life-long learning.

And continue the fun at home!

We take a holistic approach to early learning by ensuring our classes work on developing your child’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive learning. We are a one stop HANDS-ON shop!

Our sessions are a space where children can be social, engaged and excited about the world around them. They are facilitated by staff that are trained in early childhood and/or primary education. Our program is structured with reference to the Key Learning aspects for 0-5 year olds, as outlined by the Australian Government's startingblocks.gov.au and The Early Year's Learning Framework (EYLF).

We believe in giving the power back to parents and helping them feel confident that they know how to help their child's development in all areas.

We want parents to easily and seamlessly continue the fun from our sessions, within their home as part of day to day life.

What sets these classes apart is being based on educational standards & with well conceived & planned activities within a clear framework that clearly help with a child’s development. All the activities are so practical to follow up at home. Above all there is lots of fun & ‘play’ & socialising with others.
— Naomi


Our vision- To help ease your parent worry!

At Hands-On Heads we believe that, in their precious early years, a parent is a child’s best teacher.

This can be a scary proposition for parents as we know many of you do not feel confident that you know what your child should be learning and how. This is why we want to expand parents’ knowledge so they can play with confidence, knowing they are helping their child’s learning, with ease.