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A hands-on creche

We believe that it is important for parents to have time to relax and recharge and have peace of mind that their children are in the best of hands - having fun playing.

Our Hands-On creche/childcare centres offer parents more than just simple childcare. While you 'fill your cup', we engage your child in fun, meaningful learning activities.

Throughout sessions, children have the opportunity to get moving with our themed rhyme time, and enjoy our free-explore stations. These are unique to our creches and offer your child time to engage in play that supports and develops their fine motor skills, self-help skills, creativity and imagination. For older children there is always a creative activity on offer that they can take home so that they can share with you all the fun they had getting hands-on.

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Creativity and imagination

At our hands-on centres we encourage your child to think outside the box. A cardboard box can be so many wonderful things with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

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'Learning through play' is all about a child's exploration of the simple things. For example, a stacking toy can develop concepts of size, shape, colour as well as fine motor and gross motor movement.

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Getting hands-on

Developing motor strength is vital to a child's early development. Our program encourages your child to get both their small and large muscle groups moving -  developing strength, coordination and balance.