Ain't no 'HOOD' like MOTHERHOOD!

I was reminded today about how euphoric you can feel after a really nice morning with Mummy mates.

Don’t get me wrong I love my non-mummy mates too, particularly vicariously living through their juicy stories of dance floor mayhem and epic sleep-ins.

But in the monotony that is Motherhood there is something so darn satisfying about a ‘relaxed’ catch up with other Mums where all those seemingly small and yet necessary elements are covered…  

For a few moments you can feel like your old, calm life, pre-kids, may actually exist again one day;

Us Mums don’t ask for much but when those essentials are ticked off, gosh it makes for a pleasant outing!

A change table for instance… I cannot tell you how many times I gritted my teeth in frustration that there was nowhere to change my child (bar returning to the car and using the boot). Or accepting and ignoring the eyes upon you as try to discreetly change bub in the corner of a room on your own mat. No Mum enjoys nappy changes but it’s necessary so it could be made a little easier for us!

Which brings me to item number two! Soap in the dispenser… changing a nappy can be a messy affair and we have enough milk, spew, puree, rice rusks and more on us, we do not need to add poo to that list!

Number three: A toilet that I can access with ease. It is NOT easy to go to the loo when out in public with children in tow! No one tells you that but gosh it’s the simple things like this that can make or break an outing.

And the jackpot is a space where all children, no matter what age and what the weather, can play, lie, sit, roll, crawl and there are minimal or no hazards around them. That is both clean and an enjoyable place to ‘play’.

The final ingredient of course is a group of cracker females; having a laugh, delighting in each others little monkeys, swapping war stories, starting solids, battling two year old tantrums… really whatever comes up. No judgement, just a nice good old-fashioned chin wag!

Motherhood can be equal parts scary/daunting and euphorically amazing. But it can also be incredibly lonely. So Mums reach out, find a place that ticks the boxes and meet up once a week.

I loved looking around the room today and seeing the smiles and giggles on the Mum’s faces. It truly made my day and reminded me that no matter how overwhelming Mummy life may feel some days, we’re part of a ‘hood’, we have comrades and mates who get it… we’re all navigating Motherhood, so keep doing it together! It makes it far less daunting when you feel like there’s others there with you!

Special thanks to all the Mums and bubs who made it today for our Fathers’ Day Workshop, you truly made it a pleasure! X


Your Hands-On Helper,